The absolute best part about you, is your inner voice. This voice is your fire. It keeps you warm and it keeps you sane. You talk to yourself about life, about anything and everything that needs narrative. The world doesn’t hear your inner voice… they see it. Imagine that, our behaviors communicate to others. What a Greene concept?

The point is… is that we all have one. We all internalize this voice that talks to us, interprets others, and if we don’t listen to it we could find ourselves on the other side of happy. Each one of us individual humans have this deep rooted personality that drives our desire for almost everything. It can be a good thing.

It can be a bad thing. For me, I don’t always keep my inner voice quiet through behavior. I also feel like some people connect with their inner voice, accept a thought and execute a sentence. Where as for myself, I just talk without necessarily thinking.

An article from Chopra explains our fire well. Read and see for yourself why lighting it is so powerful and what you can do to channel it.

Published by

Jessica Duzeski

Attention DIFFERENT disorder. Stephan Tonti coined the saying... maybe? My ears heard it from him first and I haven’t heard it since so, he’s the guy. He directs plays & film, public speaks, and holds a disposable camera from time to time. I don’t want him to think I have been following him, and not to his surprise it wouldn’t be unorthodox of me to just search his “about” right before I write mine. (Insert half grin here). It’s true. I did that. As a compliment. You see I have ADD. If he spoke about his ADD and then went on to say he’s soaked in everything Human Services then sure, maybe I would have looked him up earlier. The point is, I remembered what he said and have been saying it since. I do reference him if he were to wonder. (If you’ve had a spike in’re welcome). My name is Jess and I have ADD. Maybe ADHD, I haven’t really looked too into it other than filling out a couple of questionairs while getting prescribed some assisting medication. I’m from a smaller town in Wisconsin. I was adopted at 6 weeks old. Fast forward 31 years later and here we are. I’m married, have 3 handsome boys, and a husband... who says he understands ADD, but as the course of this blog unfolds you’ll see, he doesn’t. It makes life difficult at times. This particular blog is to shed light on both sides of this disorder. The difference is unlike most, myself, my husband and our followers will be doing it together. Welcome to “The Point”. Jess

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