diy … (lack creativity? It’s O.K.)

Prep: 15min

Time: 2 hr

Total: 2hr 15min

What you’ll need:

Lined or blank paper (a stack)

Pencil & Pen (favorite easy to read colors)


Favorite drink

Favorite snack

Favorite Music

Colors of any kind

You’ll first go sit at a table in your home, preferably away from others. You’ll spread out all of your things on the table, grouping “like” items.

It’s at this time you’ll want take a sip or two of your favorite drink while turning on some DMB. (I know…I know I’m alone)

Place blank sheets in front of you, grab the pencil and draw a 3inch circle in the middle. Good. Take another drink. Write your favorite person’s name in it. From that circle, draw sticks going out of the circle, naming each of that person’s personality traits you adore. If you don’t know what personality traits people can encompass, ask Alexa, or OK google, or search the WWW for ideas. This would be a good time to snack and drink while searching.

Now that you have that favorite person down with hopefully many sticks naming off their amazing traits, do it again. Do it with the top 5 people in your life who are amazing.

The diagram should look like a circle with a bunch of uneven sticks poked all over it.

Take another drink and start eating a snack- it might take a little while to think of who those people are. If it’s really difficult, you may be an introvert? Just picture yourself on an island, and whoever you’d have living there with you can be assumed to be your favorite?

Once’s that’s done, repeat the same for food, hobbies, jobs, future desires…really anything you can think of that makes you, you. Just make sure they can be placed into a category.

When finished, draw yourself on a piece of paper the best you can. Then, out of each circle, pick your 3 favorites, writing them around your self image. You will notice some go hand in hand, that’s ok.

Once complete, color it in with the exact clothes you’re wearing as your drawing it.

After 2hr 15min of rigorous work, good food, smooth drinks and great music-you should have successfully finished your “the best life” diy. You can have all of the best diy projects filling your home from corner to corner but unless you know exactly who you are… those “things” won’t hold.

If you were wondering the reason this is an alone project is for the mere fact that perceptions aren’t necessarily reality. Unless you significantly trust someone’s perception of you, they’re not real. Our own perception is usually real to us, whether it’s true or not. And why draw what you’re wearing? It’s a learning tool to help you realize it doesn’t matter who you are… who you want to be, it is matter of fact and that fact is you are sick of not igniting your spark.

#like #comment & #share with your own pufferfish meets porcupine drawing of your project!!!


Published by

Jessica Duzeski

Attention DIFFERENT disorder. Stephan Tonti coined the saying... maybe? My ears heard it from him first and I haven’t heard it since so, he’s the guy. He directs plays & film, public speaks, and holds a disposable camera from time to time. I don’t want him to think I have been following him, and not to his surprise it wouldn’t be unorthodox of me to just search his “about” right before I write mine. (Insert half grin here). It’s true. I did that. As a compliment. You see I have ADD. If he spoke about his ADD and then went on to say he’s soaked in everything Human Services then sure, maybe I would have looked him up earlier. The point is, I remembered what he said and have been saying it since. I do reference him if he were to wonder. (If you’ve had a spike in’re welcome). My name is Jess and I have ADD. Maybe ADHD, I haven’t really looked too into it other than filling out a couple of questionairs while getting prescribed some assisting medication. I’m from a smaller town in Wisconsin. I was adopted at 6 weeks old. Fast forward 31 years later and here we are. I’m married, have 3 handsome boys, and a husband... who says he understands ADD, but as the course of this blog unfolds you’ll see, he doesn’t. It makes life difficult at times. This particular blog is to shed light on both sides of this disorder. The difference is unlike most, myself, my husband and our followers will be doing it together. Welcome to “The Point”. Jess

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