Parent + ADHD + Nature

So… I don’t know about you other moms out there but when I get my period… I have no clue what’s happening. I’m putting non refrigerated items in the refrigerator, saying words that make no sense, my body is extremely tired but my mind is going 1,000 miles a minute. That could also be in part with not taking my medication? That’s another thing!

When I get my period I care zero percent about everything. ZERO. Meds? Who cares? Kids safety! Who cares! My husband took an alcoholic drink along in the car with us on our way out to eat…. where there will be other alcoholic drinks. I cared but not that much? I mean I was driving but still! In our state… that’s a no no. We had to go two block to my Grandmas and two blocks to the school for the kids to play 4 square. (If you’re wondering if we can play 4 square at our house…. yes, yes you can). Our youngest rode in the front seat! I’m like an outlaw, not taking my meds, “on” ADHD ready to either get arrested or pay a HUGE a$$ fine. I wouldn’t mind getting arrested, but fines. That is THE DUMBEST. If they want to know if fines help people not break the law…yes, I don’t break the law usually because I don’t want to pay a fine.

But this period gettin’ non-medication taken, zero care in the world mom is dangerous. I have to go to work today… where I interact with people all day long! I gotta get my Sh*t together!

If you haven’t tried this: I take a fast acting pill when I wake up, and then another slow release around 9am. Helps me get ready for the morning and stick to a little routine.

I have three kids if you didn’t know. They all spawned from the underworld and are here on earth for one thing, and one thing only… TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!! Ok fine- but I’m not the best parent so they can be pretty naughty. Having ADHD without religiously taking medication like my life depends on it doesn’t really help any, “Best parent” refers to lack of follow through, my husband hates it and I hate it!

Life is hard when nature is nuts, you have a neurological disorder, and you’re nuts. Good thing about it, is it’s temporary. I remind myself about that often.

“This too shall pass”….good quote but most people forget to add “if you let it”.

Have a great day,


Published by

Jessica Duzeski

Attention DIFFERENT disorder. Stephan Tonti coined the saying... maybe? My ears heard it from him first and I haven’t heard it since so, he’s the guy. He directs plays & film, public speaks, and holds a disposable camera from time to time. I don’t want him to think I have been following him, and not to his surprise it wouldn’t be unorthodox of me to just search his “about” right before I write mine. (Insert half grin here). It’s true. I did that. As a compliment. You see I have ADD. If he spoke about his ADD and then went on to say he’s soaked in everything Human Services then sure, maybe I would have looked him up earlier. The point is, I remembered what he said and have been saying it since. I do reference him if he were to wonder. (If you’ve had a spike in’re welcome). My name is Jess and I have ADD. Maybe ADHD, I haven’t really looked too into it other than filling out a couple of questionairs while getting prescribed some assisting medication. I’m from a smaller town in Wisconsin. I was adopted at 6 weeks old. Fast forward 31 years later and here we are. I’m married, have 3 handsome boys, and a husband... who says he understands ADD, but as the course of this blog unfolds you’ll see, he doesn’t. It makes life difficult at times. This particular blog is to shed light on both sides of this disorder. The difference is unlike most, myself, my husband and our followers will be doing it together. Welcome to “The Point”. Jess

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