Here we are. You + me – a little distasteful thing called ADD = distorted perceptions. Let’s take ADD off the table. You mean I can actually think a thought and execute a plan of action? By myself? It can’t be that easy? (For the record I’m writing as I’m falling asleep). Laundry, it’s forgotten down in the laundry room. I think about it, but actually putting action to that thought is difficult. Not the kind of difficult you want to overcome either? I’m a “give me a challenge… let’s see what I can do”. But mundane , everyday tasks are harder than you think! I moved from a 911 Dispatcher job to the financial unit for Human Services. A little over a year, I had the opportunity to move again. I almost contemplated becoming a Dispatcher (no nights/no weekends/no holidays) again. Why?

Numbers…. quiet…. boring…. paperwork…. I almost shaved my head like Britney Spears. It was my own mini-crisis that I couldn’t escape from because I took a $4 paycut and told my husband it was the right choice. My coworkers were great, the job? Not so much…

The thing with ADD/HD is that we typically tend to be creative and well, smart. We don’t like to waste time with what we know. Doing something over and over again to get the “almost same” result is completely original and not at all challenging. Example: basic living skills. You do a task and it rids the same result. Over and over and over again. Kids at Hope founder Rick Miller explains the word Genius well…and proceeds to explain it as someone who never gives up. I’m not sure if my ADD/HD encourages my genius side, but I must say- all of the encounters I’ve had, have been with geniuses coincidentally diagnosed with ADHD.