If the point has a creator he or she will be named. If not… they’re mine. – Jessica Duzeski

The point is…. just be real to people, for people, and with people. Yes… if you’re reading and understanding this point, you’re a people…so be real to, for, and with yourself.

The point is… the point above has 12 dots,

The point is… we all suffer. The bigger point is… we all don’t have to.

The point is… perception is a fingerprint.

The point is…a law usually keeps people safe or keeps them quiet. Either way, it causes separation. Don’t come together and figure out the root of the problem, just put a dollar amount on the disobedience and we’ll call it a day.

The point is… If you keep looking for happiness, one would assume you don’t really want to find it.

The point is…that if you really want something, you will do what you can to get it. The other point is…sometimes we need to learn if what we really want is what we really want.

The point is… this is the end.

Slew of wisdom for night 1. Hope you enjoyed and at least one point had you thinking in a different way because you know… that’s the whole point. 😉

Point is… you have one friend who can’t move but blink their eyes. You have another friend who can do anything. They both tell you they love you by blinking their eyes 3 times. Which one means more? Your effort is what changes the world. If you do less then your ability, usually it’s just time passing. A filler for you’re life. Not bad? Nothing is truly bad or good.. but don’t expect change and growth if you do less than your able.

Note to self… the friend who can do anything can do anything- so don’t throw in “what if’s?”. 😉