This is a dog.

This is a picture of a dog.

When we have a conversation with someone, we talk about the something that has happened, something that is happening now, or something that could potentially happen in the future. What’s odd is that, we can say ANYTHING we want about the future. The future can be predicted but I feel that’s not always 100%. Why? Well… because of what we talk about currently,

If I didn’t try for something I want to happen in the future.. will it really happen? Or is it, what is said currently has weigh in. And if it does, why doesn’t it always prevail.

Theory 1: everyone has a specific path and it doesn’t matter what you say or do, things happen.

Theory 2: Effort equals results

Theory 3: There is no systematic scientific reasoning and… shit happens?

What I want to know is why do some people have it easy when they lie, and other don’t? Why is it that Girl 1 might lie constantly and always get what she wants, where Girl 2 (myself) lies VERY minimally and also gets what she wants- but… is working hard for it.

I don’t have the answer to that. All I know is, Girl 2 is living in reality, and Girl 1 is living a fake life. Not fake “bad” just not real? So everything is superficial. And that may not be a bad thing? Whose to say….It’s just difficult because lying is a way to encourage your brain to escape reality and with getting what you want without a struggle proves that theory. And only the person comparing the two has the feeling of dismay.

Moral of the story… because morals have separated most animals from some humans for some time now, is that lying causes an unrealistic life. How can your future be written exactly how you want it when you don’t even know exactly who’s going to be living it? When you lie constantly, relationships become fake, people’s perceptions about you become unreal, and your own perception of yourself becomes cloudy. Living like a dog, when really your a Fox.

Caution: please don’t misconstrue the last sentence with people who are transgender. If their inner voice speaks of that of a different gender- that’s their true self. Think of it as being born looking exactly like a fox but having the burning soul of a dog. Therefore then.. the above picture and title would be true.


Published by

Jessica Duzeski

Attention DIFFERENT disorder. Stephan Tonti coined the saying... maybe? My ears heard it from him first and I haven’t heard it since so, he’s the guy. He directs plays & film, public speaks, and holds a disposable camera from time to time. I don’t want him to think I have been following him, and not to his surprise it wouldn’t be unorthodox of me to just search his “about” right before I write mine. (Insert half grin here). It’s true. I did that. As a compliment. You see I have ADD. If he spoke about his ADD and then went on to say he’s soaked in everything Human Services then sure, maybe I would have looked him up earlier. The point is, I remembered what he said and have been saying it since. I do reference him if he were to wonder. (If you’ve had a spike in’re welcome). My name is Jess and I have ADD. Maybe ADHD, I haven’t really looked too into it other than filling out a couple of questionairs while getting prescribed some assisting medication. I’m from a smaller town in Wisconsin. I was adopted at 6 weeks old. Fast forward 31 years later and here we are. I’m married, have 3 handsome boys, and a husband... who says he understands ADD, but as the course of this blog unfolds you’ll see, he doesn’t. It makes life difficult at times. This particular blog is to shed light on both sides of this disorder. The difference is unlike most, myself, my husband and our followers will be doing it together. Welcome to “The Point”. Jess

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